Thursday, November 18, 2010


Sitting, waiting for my car to get done at the shop (oil change & tires) and thinking about what is going on with the store.

My thoughts are as follows: 
  •   Money is an issue. Always has been, always will be. This is one of the reasons I am looking to start this store.  
  • Some of the actual product I will be selling is hard to sell in a web store. I am considering products from sellers that have a decent customer base, and I’m not looking to take away from them, but looking to get things going for myself. Also, the LANs and the upgrade service are impossible to do on the web. Although, now I am thinking about some aspects of this that might not be as impossible (This thought of the web store is based on the fact of web commerce has had the largest growth in sales over the last year.)
  • All things associated with a web-based store are money dependent.  
SIDE NOTE: A gentleman just walked in and he smells like the Jack scented conditioner by @KyleeLane. (I know your secrets now Kylee!) I can’t wait to buy some!  /ad ;) (Hm... I should think about selling space on here… Or at least add a link.)
  • Whereas I feel I have decent support for the idea, most of it is on the web, with some limited support in real life. Real-life support is real, but I don’t feel as the real support is supportive. I feel it could be slightly more. 
  • Getting the information together for the different aspects of the store (on-line or 'real') together is rather difficult. Mainly, because I’m doing this solo. Without doing something like this before.  I have a few people that I can speak with to get answers, but no ‘decent’ answers. When I say decent, I mean I have people that I can speak with, but no one that has any knowledge of running a business of this aspect.  
  • Am I doing this for the right reasons? 
I'm not saying that I'm giving up on this right now. I'm just stepping back and taking a look at things. That's all.

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