Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wow... It's been a long while!

Hello and thanks for sticking around!

To fill everyone in on things here, There have been a lot of life changes for me in my real life, but I shall not bore you with them now. Nothing 'bad' but just changes.

I am still going forward with things, making more contacts and the like, to get things moving. I have had conversations with a few people that I feel will be a huge help with the planning stages. Which is always good. Also, along with this, another business proposition, which works along the same lines as what I was basically planning already. More on this later! For now, things are looking up, and I should have an actual start on things by the end of the year. When I get things going, I will be asking for your assistance, with at least a 'retweet' or a 'share' on your social network of choice.

Once things are all set, I will be opening up a lot more about everything, starting a facebook page for the store, getting a site up and running, things that would be reasonable for the ideas that I have.

In the mean time, I will be looking into getting a 'team' together, as in website designers, graphic artist, specialists in different areas including: Comics, Games, TV shows & movies, and all the other geekery that I am planning on having. I have a few people in mind, and I have already started to reach out to them and they have been very open to giving me a hand.

As to not ramble on, I will be ending this now. Thank you for the continued support, and I am looking to blog more in the coming weeks.