Saturday, November 13, 2010

Product Review: 'Jack' Scented Conditioner from

There was a posting by @KyleeLane on twitter, stating that she wanted to send out samples for her new conditioner that she was testing out. Being someone that uses conditioner, I figured, "Why not?". I'm also a guy that has long hair, and it is hard to find conditioner with a 'guy scent'. So here is my review.

I jumped into the shower, and washed my hair. I then opened the pouch of conditioner that I received in the mail the day before. A bit hard with wet fingers, but teeth work in a pinch. It's also just a sample, so I expect the final packaging will be different. No big deal.

Once I got it opened, I was surrounded with a very masculine smell, the closest thing being that I can think of  is an old time barber shop from the 50's. Very clean and manly. It was a surprise too. I didn't smell flowers. Always a plus! So immediately I was liking the conditioner so far. 

Reading the instructions, I started from the tips of my hair, and worked my way to my scalp. I got most of the way up, but with the length of my hair and other factors, mainly my hair being damaged, I was running thin on conditioner by the time I got to my scalp. Not an issue, as I know my hair hasn't been taken care of as well as it should have been. I try, but there is not enough male focused products out there that smell good.

I let it sit in my hair for a few minutes as per the directions, and then washed it out. I used warm water, and not cool as stated in the directions, but I was in the shower. I finished up, got out and dried off. After I got out of the bathroom, I could still smell the scent of the conditioner in my hair. It is very nice to not smell like flowers or fruit for once!

I dried off my hair, and got it so I could brush it. As a ran my brush through my hair, I didn't snag it on any knots or tangles. Excellent! Afterward, my hair seemed lighter and somewhat smoother then it had before using my previous conditioner. Still smells good too!

So overall, I LOVE the conditioner! Great smell, works great, handmade, and an awesome person that makes/sells this. Thank you Kylee for letting me try this out! I look forward to buying this from you in the future!


Luxury Lane Soap

Kylee Lane on twitter

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