Monday, November 8, 2010

On to Phase 1.5!

Wow. Major step forward with the store last night. I was in talks with, and they offered to host a project on there for me, to raise funds by having people donate books. I know it sounds a little weird which is what I was thinking too. Basically, in a nutshell, people go to the site to donate books, Bookraiser sells the books, and gives the money raised to the project that brought in the books. I might have that slightly mixed-up, but the site explains it a bit better. The books are reused, people get rid of books they don't want, and the project owner gets money. I think it's a good deal all around.

I think the thing that got me hooked last night, was the fact of they are a newer company, trying to get going. Very much like myself. Now, from what I understand, the owner of the site has been in the new/used book business for a while. But the fund raising part is a new thing. I was comfortable with the setup of the project, no personal information was involved, and I don't feel I was pressured into anything. And honestly, I think people should help out people. This goes back to the community, gets everyone involved and helps everyone out. Good deal all around.

Now, if you are looking to donate books (money accepted too, via PayPal) you can go to the side bar --> and there is a widget linked to my project on the side. Or you can go to the site and see what other projects are available. Or, you can go to the site, and start your own project.

Thank you in advance for your donations!

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