Saturday, October 30, 2010

One issue I'm having with the start-up phase

So I've talked to a few people about getting my business going and one of the things they have mentioned is figuring out the demographics out for the store. Well, yeah I have a decent idea about that. But the issue I'm having is where to find out if my target demographic is in the area that I'm looking to open up the store. Now there are a few things in my favor to that goal, due to the other stores in my area, the colleges, and the other economic factors in my area.

But I still don't know where to find the hard facts and figures for the exact information that I need for my business plan. And also where to find business information (e.g. market for products in my store) that I need to get my business plan together. I've been told, "Get your business plan together, and then you can figure out everything else from there.". But if I need the facts and figures for the plan, how do I get the plan together? Kinda of a catch-22. Welcome to my life.

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