Sunday, October 10, 2010

Let's get things started!

I figured this was a great day to start this blog as it is 42 day. Or 10/10/10, but you already knew what I meant.

Also, you come across me out here in the interwebs at the right time! I'm glad you did! You will also be glad that you did. Trust me. You have gotten in on the starting phases of a new store. You will get to watch it grow from an idea, to an actual store. Now, what this store will be is your one stop shopping for ALL of your geeky needs! I when I say ALL, I mean ALL! Gaming, computer, gadgets, shows and you can't forget unstinkify-ing . And inventing of new words. See? I'm awesome already!

Now, I'll give you some insight on how this idea came about. I was dating a girl who had a friend that was starting a 'total geek store'. I thought that was an awesome idea. So I asked if he was going to have computer games and parts there too, as this idea was mainly a used video game store. He said 'No, just used video games, music and comics.' Ah! Hmm. Not a 'total geek store' in my eyes. More like a lack of vision on his part.

So I had the idea of a used video game store and a computer game/upgrade store all in one. But that's not where the idea stopped. I then thought of having LAN parties onsite, and not just a console video game competition once a month. That's a great thought right there, in my opinion. But it didn't stop there. I thought, 'Hmm, well there is clothing out there with gamer themes on them. Why not add that?'. No, it didn't stop there either. 'Well what about all those cool little geeky gadgets?' Damn. When is this going to stop? 'Well, there are other geeky stuff out there that isn't covered in the things I thought of already...' So as you can see, this idea is morphing into something that won't be able to be stopped. Uber-Geeky Gamer Utopia.

See, I told you that you found me at the right time. You'll be hearing more about this in the future. Get in, sit down, strap in, while I own your face.

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