Friday, October 29, 2010

Made a few more contacts.

I've come to realize, someone's brand is only as strong as the people they are connected with. So in the interest of making my brand stronger, I have teamed up with GamerProNation. They are a new site looking to post reviews, hints, tips of different games that are coming out. They also have a twitter page (Link: here ). They are a new site looking to get their name out there for themselves. Give them a chance, everything has to start somewhere, and it needs support to get somewhere. They also have forums on the site, which at this point seem rather empty, but the only way to fill them up is to have members. So why don't you swing over to their site, get some conversation going, and help the site grow!


  1. So where will this store be? And, the all important question, will board games be considered part of the geek culture served by this store?

  2. Thanks for the comment!

    To answer the first question, I'm looking to open the store in the Capital Region Area of New York. With RPI in the area and the AMD plant chip plant opening at some point in the future, I feel this is a decent area for starting this up. Hopefully I will be able to open more then just one store in more then just one state. Which is where my supporters come in, but more on that later.

    To answer the second question, I do understand that board games are one aspect of the geek culture, so yes, this would be an area that I would be looking to get into. Unfortunately, I have to have a streamlined start, and as of right now, I am looking to offer a large variety of geek products, and costs have to be kept down. So for my opening, I am not looking to offer board games when I open. But I am not saying that I will not offer board games in the future.