Thursday, January 13, 2011

FAQ about my twitter 'paper'.

Hello all!

Lately, I have been receiving a lot of questions and comments about my paper, "8 – Infinity Bit Gaming Geeks & Gamer Update" that I have set up to post on twitter. Thank you for your interest! I am posting this FAQ, as to try to clear up some of the questions I receive. This is mostly on a best guess of mine that I can figure out. The FAQ from the paper can be found here:

Q: How does the paper work?

A: The paper is automatic. It takes my twitter feed, and posts it in the 'paper' format. If I follow you, and you post a link (picture, article, blog, etc.) most likely you will be in it. Most of the time, I am away from my computer when this posts.

Q: I didn't write anything for your paper, why am I featured?

A: No, you didn't write anything specifically for 'my paper'. BUT, you did tweet a decent amount, and the more you tweet, the more likely it is that you have posted a link. (This is a guess on my part. I have noticed that some of the 'featured tweeps' have tweeted a lot.)

Q: Can I get featured in your paper? If so, how?

A: Yes, you can get featured in my paper. Tweet a lot.

Q: I would like to write for your paper. How do I submit an article?

A: Thank you! You already do write for my paper if I follow you! And to submit, just post a link!

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